User Acquisition Manager

Remote, Kyiv, Odesa

Have you ever thought about switching from grey niches to white product keeping the same level of income and independence?
Or maybe you dream of having more influence on products than in an agency?
If so, you’re welcome to apply for our first User Acquisition Manager.

Saldo Apps is a fintech ecosystem for self-employed, micro-businesses, and financially savvy individuals. We are striving to revolutionize finance management and currently have 4 mobile apps and an all-in-one web solution.

We have already surpassed 1.5 million installs and achieved $1M in annual revenue, primarily through AppStore Optimization. Now, we want to spread awareness about our incredible product and are seeking an experienced User Acquisition Manager to become the first member of our future marketing team. Your role will involve launching advertising campaigns using paid marketing channels like Meta and Google.

Challenges you’ll face:

  • Launching and optimizing ad campaigns on Facebook and Google (both for mobile applications and the web).
  • Managing the flow of creative generation, with options such as in-house designers, freelancers, and AI tools.
  • Researching and evaluating new user acquisition channels.
  • Developing new insights and process improvements.

Skills required for the position:

  • At least 1 year of experience in managing Facebook and Google advertising accounts.
  • A hacker mindset – the ability to find alternative ways to achieve goals, bypassing bottlenecks and hurdles.
  • Cognitive empathy – the ability to understand user pains and needs.
  • Understanding of basic marketing metrics: CPM, CTR, CPA, LTV.
  • Strong analytical skills in working with data, numbers, and metrics.
  • Knowledge of English at the Upper Intermediate level.
  • Ability to perform basic statistical calculations.
  • A strong desire to learn, grow, and take on responsibility.

This role offers bright opportunities for growth and advancement within the professional skill and inside the organization.

Interview stages:

Intro with a recruiter ➜ Test Task (Optional: the TT can be after the tech interview) ➜ Tech Interview  ➜  Offer

Social responsibility of our company:

  • The Ukrainian market is not our focus at Saldo Apps, but we have released our app for personal finance management in Ukraine in order to push off the market russian apps which are still pretty popular in Ukraine and made it free to use for Ukrainian users.
  • Saldo Apps is part of the Netpeak Group. Currently, about 20% of the Netpeak Group team is involved in various initiatives to counter russian propaganda. Some of the Netpeak Group principles are working with the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the cyber police. There are several volunteer projects in which we participate: content creation, advertising on social networks, promotion of Ukrainian products, and humanitarian aid. The NGO “Moye Misto” — which is part of the Netpeak Group — together with volunteers, is currently engaged in maintaining animal shelters, as well as purchasing necessary items for some units of the Armed Forces.