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A fully-integrated fintech ecosystem with single purpose
apps connected to the all-in-one web solution

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Expense Management Solution
Finance Management Solution

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  • Say no to overwhelming solutions with our intuitive ecosystem.

    Single-purpose apps connected to the all-in-one web version. Forget about super apps and other extensive platforms with tons of unnecessary features.

    Each app we provide is a specialized tool created specifically for small businesses and self-employed individuals.

    Save time on managing your tools with us and invest it in your business growth.

  • Get paid with an easy-to-use invoicing system.

    "According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20% of small businesses fail by the end of their first year." we will help you track your invoices.

    Set up invoice timing that is beneficial to your cash flow. Scheduling regular invoicing will set up expectations with your customers.

    Discover the power of cardless payments with Tap2Pay.

  • Unlock new insights by easy-to-use finance management.

    Expense management allows you to find some valuable insights within your expenses.

    Such an approach helps you to set up budgets properly.

    We provide multiple widgets & charts like NetWorth, expenses, income, split by categories, etc., which allows business owners to find insights and patterns.

  • Forget about miscategorization or overcategorization.

    We assist with the 1040 IRS form within the Receipt Scanner, so you will avoid miscategorization or overcategorization.

    That is one of the top 10 common issues for micro business owners.

  • Forget about boring copy & paste info with our synced apps.

    Most micro-business owners are forced to copy & paste the same info 3-5 times to get the thing done. We help you remember it with our synced single-purpose apps.

    Manage customers, income, expenses, and invoices across the ecosystem in one place.

    Combine the power of on-a-go management with the desktop experience.

  • Grow your business by properly managing your budgets, which causes allocating funds.

    Financial-savvy business owners are more successful according to Forbes

    Know Your Numbers and grow faster

    Have a solid understanding of cash flow. Small businesses must track their cash flow to ensure they have enough money to meet their obligations.

  • Manage digital copies instead of tons of paper.

    Business owners are obligated to save tons of paper within years. For example, you should keep Business federal tax returns for seven years.

    Anyway, you can still manage your paperwork digitally, and here is where our solution appears.

What our customers
say about us

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    Such a great app and so handy for business

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    Incredible explanation,quick response,very professional and polite

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    The entire team was so helpful and were able to guide me thru me when I needed assistance 😊

  • Home Home Home Home Home

    Fast, helpful, professional, human support. love it

  • Thanks
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    This sure does help me as a start up business owner to have many options for billing, estimate and more. Thank you

  • Great app and simple
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    Very easy to use.

  • Love how easy it is to use. 👍🏾
    Home Home Home Home Home

  • Home Home Home Home Home

    Use this app always for my clients easy to use fast and efficient

  • Easy to use
    Home Home Home Home Home

    I really enjoy using this app is help me get my budgeting together and keep an eye on my spending habits.

  • You should try this app
    Home Home Home Home

    Finally I found what I was looking for: budget, custom subcategories, tags, cash, bank accounts. Unlike in many other apps, here you don’t have to allocate every single dollar to create a budget, you can just set limits for total expenses and a couple of categories that you want to keep an eye on. Also, no annoying ads and sPeCiAl oFfErS. Love it so far

  • This is the best finance app I've ever used.
    Home Home Home Home Home

    The only thing missing is the calculator function when adding a transaction, and that’s all top P.S. today the app has been updated and a feature has been added. This once again confirms that the Best of application is the Best, and the developers with support are simply cats. Van lav

  • Great scanner
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    This is the best receipt scanner app that I have purchased! Great for tax season!

  • Game Changer
    Home Home Home Home Home

    First reciept added it’s a game changer! As the old saying goes, “can’t believe I wanted this long.”

  • So far so good
    Home Home Home Home Home

    just need to scan the receipt and the name and date are automatically recorded, very convenient and accurate.

  • Great app
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    makes a big difference on savings little victories make big rewards

  • Excellent
    Home Home Home Home Home

    Great app, works brilliant, I do not even have to do something’s manually

  • Home Home Home Home Home

    is that his perfect for me because I drive everywhere stack of the chips

  • Great app
    Home Home Home Home Home

    Keeps all my receipts with notes perfect. And not time consuming

  • Finance app looks pretty
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    Finally, we have the Finance app with a modern, pretty UI.

  • This is amazing 💛
    Home Home Home Home Home

    The app is a godsend, I used another one for years and it was very difficult to find a replacement. It has everything you need, plus pulling data from mono, which is very convenient. Design 10/10. Adding categories and customizing to yourself 9/10. Graphics 10/10. Ease of use 9/10. Of the minuses, I noticed only that future expenses or income are immediately added to the general dashboard as of now.

The team brings together decades of experience across
financial services, venture capital, and technology

Radomir Novkovich

CEO and Founder

Yelyzaveta Cherepyna

Product Manager

Vitaliy Mitin

Tech Lead

Mykola Fiantsev

Lead iOS Developer

Oleksandr Maliutin

Product Manager

Vitalii Lobanov

Lead Frontend Developer

Miguel Torres

Customer Success Manager

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Payment Reminders for clients +
Notifications on receiving/opening + +
Email campaigns (for Users' clients) + +
Expenses limit 10 Unlimited
Reimbursement requests limit Unlimited Unlimited
Multi-currency + +
Access to all apps and web +
Multi-device sync and web-version +
Multi-user access and user management Unlimited
Email & chat support + +